Remote Collaboration: A complete guide 2022 Edition


This immersive application aims to foster human connections & collaborations for those who were separated during the pandemic. Plus, it seeks to raise awareness of mental health issues by acting as a window into team members’ work environments. Zenkit Projects is perfectly integrated with the rest of the Zenkit suite, giving remote projects even more power.

Its Teambook allows users to keep tasks & resources organized & easily manage & analyze activities. ProProfs Project is a project management tool that enables remote teams to work together seamlessly. It includes useful project management tools including insightful workflow reports, accurate timesheets, & drag-&-drop functionality for sharing files on the go. Various remote communication and collaboration tools help organizations and agencies work with internal and remote teams. I’ve mentioned a few of these web-based tools that have become increasingly popular among professionals who communicate and collaborate daily with internal and external teams. Managing a remote team introduces an entirely new layer of complexity.

Remote Team Collaboration Tools

Colleagues informally brainstormed their way to the next great idea. Set up personalized remote job search alerts and get noticed by recruiters searching for your skills. We’re Himalayas, a remote job board, that is focused on providing the best experience for remote job seekers. Check out our remote jobs or remote company database if you’re interested. With everyone on the same page, communication becomes less ambiguous and easy. Apply this to everything you do when collaborating remotely and it can make a world of difference because everyone is on the same page. This should really go without saying, but please do not post personal information that may be used by others for malicious purposes.

  • This helps to report the most important information about customer expectations from the knowledge base & how to improve it.
  • This also makes for a healthier work-life balance and saves both time and stress of the commute.
  • While it’s not as powerful or flexible as Figma, that’s not the point.
  • However, building key skills and behaviors for remote work is also key to effective collaboration with distributed teams.
  • Nearshore collaborationis an outsourcing option where you can get your services or your IT processes performed by people in neighboring countries.

You’re even able to safely recover access to accounts that may have previously locked you out. Sharing is super simple with public links and direct user-to-user sharing for streamlined collaboration. Assign your team members to specific tasks, and keep track of their progress from the dashboard. You’re also able to schedule recurring tasks in specific intervals , so you can get reminders when they need to be repeated. Understanding the needs of your offsite team and effectively connecting with them can be more difficult. It might also be more challenging for team members to work together without the ability to communicate face-to-face.

What Is Cross-team Collaboration? Definition, Examples, and Best Practices for Improvement.

Create new rituals to mark your team’s personal and professional achievements, from virtual events to chilled-out Zoom coffee breaks. How you choose to celebrate is up to you — it’s just important that you do. When we think of team collaboration, we probably think of a group of people gathered around a desk, sharing ideas. However, the switch to remote work caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has made traditional collaboration much less common. There will still be times when right now means right now, which is why it’s so important to have a protocol for such emergency situations.

To keep a strong bond of collaboration on a company-wide level, we have also scheduled virtual activities throughout the week. “Catch-up coffee hour” on Monday mornings, a workout session on Thursday afternoon, or after-work drinks on Friday afternoons.

How to collaborate better with a remote team

The solution lies in building a skill set that reflects the demands of our digitally-driven age. For instance, when communicating digitally, don’t assume that others understand remote collaboration your cues and shorthand. Spend the time to communicate with the intention of being ultra clear. Don’t bombard your team with messages – it’s ineffective, and annoying.

Best Remote Team Collaboration Practices

For example, instead of having a group chat with 100+ messages , have a video conference instead. Use the appropriate channels for communication and tell your teams to do the same. For instance, if a certain manager needs something done on an urgent basis, email wouldn’t be an appropriate channel.